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Welcome to Backyard Blaze. Very Important Please Take the Time to Read.


Let's give you a little history about Backyard Blaze. 20 years ago we got into the Fire Business by helping a friend build an outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace. That spark leads us to dive into the Outdoor Fire Business with both feet. We were a bootstrap company with no impact on the industry. We set our minds to becoming the leader in this industry and with hard work and a never give up attitude, we searched the market to compile the finest quality products with the best price and became a Top Tier Provider of Outdoor Fire Features.


Our primary focus is assisting in adding Fire to your landscape. Small or large, Residential to Commercial we have covered it all over the years. We grew tremendously because we delivered what we set out to do, our Word and Quality products. Our knowledge in this industry surpasses many today who are just trying to be involved but do not have the in-depth knowledge we do when it comes to Technical or Design.


Backyard Blaze rose to the top in this industry from around 2010 and forward until 2018 to become one of the most sought after company to order your Outdoor Fire Products. We held an A+ Rating with the BBB for 9 years we had no negative reviews and hundreds of customers a year that was very satisfied with their new addition of Fire.


We were proud of obtaining this level of Success and professionalism. We held that invitation with gratitude to all. Unfortunately, our popularity caught the eyes of a large Manufacture who had been around for over 30 years in the industry. At first Backyard Blaze was humbled to be asked to be there Direct to Consumer Outlet. With a One-stop Manufacturing company we could pass along the lower cost and keep control of product inventory. They say don’t judge a book by its cover and we didn't. But what we learned was our darkest nightmare.


Bobe' Fire and Water out of Arizona are who extended their Olive Branch to Backyard Blaze. This relationship would consist of them supplying Backyard Blaze with their latest Outdoor Automation System and a full line of Copper Bowls. With their long history of quality products, we felt comfortable being in that position with Bobe.


In July of 2018, Backyard Blaze entered into this venture with Bobe' Fire and Water Direct to Consumer. Because Backyard Blaze has such a strong following built over the years with vast Customers and Contractors from Coast to Coast placed many orders for Automated Remote Fire Modules that Bobe' expressed was CSA/UL Approved and met the latest industry requirements. With a lot of customers and a lot of Remote Modules sold we were excited until every one of our customers called Backyard Blaze expressing how not one of the units worked.


We were disheartened to hear this news. We addressed this with Bobe',  Bobe' insisted they would not let another unit go out until Bobe' had the units redesigned by there own Engineers. When they gave Bobe' the green light Bobe' would address Backyard Blazes Customer with Priority. We were once again impressed by the support only to find out every unit sent out still was not CSA/UL Approved and as you can guess it, not one of them worked.


If you could imagine a year of customers going through disheartening patience and out of pocket expenses for Plumbers only to get what they didn't pay for and do not have them work. When Backyard Blaze addressed this with Bobe' the response was that these are Backyard Blaze's customers and it is Backyard Blaze responsibility to handle them. (Very unprofessional) we reminded Bobe'company it was their product that has Failed and to take ownership and to work with Backyard Blaze to resolve these issues. Backyard Blaze offered a Solution to Bobe' and it was to recall all the units sold from Bobe' and to refund the customers their money. Bobe' response to  Backyard Blaze was, NO. Bobe' would Warranty them! We attempted to explain how can you warranty units that not one of them worked?

We even had customer email Backyard Blaze their own expressed thoughts on how Bobe' products (Remote Modules) was not doing anything to correct this other than sending out multiple units again that not one of them worked correctly. In those emails, Customer was asking Bobe' or staff to help correct the matter at hand and with the exception of a couple of customers, no one heard from anyone at Bobe.

 As you can imagine every customer came back to Backyard Blaze to resolve their issue. With no support from Bobe' Fire and Water, it left Backyard Blaze holding the Bag and Financial impact. With all efforts Backyard Blaze did what it could to address every customer and through the impact to Backyard Blaze it became very Dark and filled with Bad reviews along with a D- BBB Rating we can Thank Bobe' Fire and Water who to this day still offers there Non CSA/UL Approved Non-working Remote Module to unsuspecting customers, Shameful and Shameful they would use Backyard Blaze Customer as there Test customers to try to release a product that had not been properly developed.


Backyard Blaze attempted everything we could do as a team to save the Value of Backyard Blaze but the impact became too much for the company to handle. Our spirit is to never give up. After 20 years this is our passion. We are currently working with a new Manufacture who has a True Tested CSA/UL Listed Remote Module Fire Equipment. We have exchanged many of Bobe' units for our new unit and from Contractors to Customer everyone is now Happy.


Where is Backyard Blaze today? We have a commitment to this industry and to our Customers and Contractors. There is no worse feeling after being a leader in this industry to a company that Reviews say we are the worst. In Fact, Bobe' is truly to blame for allowing those unsafe not certified not working Modules to go out the door.


Our effort here at Backyard Blaze is to attempt to Rise to the Top again though we expect this to be a long and hard road. We hope we can earn your Trust and allow us to provide you with Quality Products at a Price we know are the best in the Market.


Backyard Blaze is not a Scam or out to take advantage of anyone. We work hard to provide useful Technical support and the latest of today's Technology and Design. We felt this was our only way to express to you why we have been experiencing Bad Reviews lately and a hard drop in our score with the BBB. We guarantee you with our effort we will be back on top but we cannot do it without you.


We clearly understand the Value of any business is you the Customer. If you allow us to handle your order we will structure a way that puts you at ease on your transaction and allows Backyard Blaze to prove once again why we held the Bar so High.


Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this. We hope that this insight gives you a true heartfelt understanding of who we are. If you have any Questions or would like to process an order please call our office we will be grateful to hear from you.




Team, Blaze.