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Tiki Torch and Fire Features, FAQ's   

Tiki Torches are a great way to bring an island tropic to your backyard. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Are there any weather conditions that would prevent me from using my tiki torches?
Tiki torches can generally maintain a flame by withstanding winds up to around 10 mph. Torches can even endure moisture from rain or snow. Torches should not be left unattended; so if you need to go inside to escape rain or wind, you should extinguish the torch.

How long will the fuel last in my tiki torch?
The length of time your torch's fuel source depends on the fuel and on the source. For instance, paraffin or citronella oil will last anywhere from 6 to 16 hours depending on the size of the oil tiki torches (larger torches usually burn longer). Keep in mind that you should not switch oil types for the same wick. Gas torches using propane vary according to the size of your tank. If your natural gas torch is hooked to a natural gas line, it can burn almost indefinitely, though all torches require periodic cleaning to remove debris and maintain safety.

What are the unique benefits of portable and permanent torches?
The obvious benefit of a portable tiki torch is the ability to quickly and easily move them to different desired locations. Permanently installed gas torches (mostly natural gas torches) are always prepared to use. Once installed, they are constantly set-up and ready to burn.

Tiki torches can be a convenient and enjoyable way to light your next outdoor gathering. 

Backyard Blaze is pleased to announce the advancement in our Automated Remote Controlled Systems.
We are continuously working on advancing the technology of Automated Fire Features. 
Thermo pile intermittent ignition is the key factor to performance and ability to deliver fewer field failures. You can see a demonstration of the performance in our videos located on our home page under, Remote Controlled Fire or Automated Remote Tiki Torches.
Today’s industry there are so many companies trying to pass off yesterday’s technology for today’s advancements. A direct spark igniter fails in a very short time costing you in replacement parts and money. These frustrations are unnecessary.
Backyard Blaze provides a product that is designed to function and perform with reliability and dependability. There has been so much negative response in the past to automated remote systems due to the lack of research and develop. You may have experienced installing an automated remote fire feature in the past and where not satisfied with the performance and or cost. Possibly even the maintenance and time to continuously replace parts. That has changed with the advancements of the new AWEIS, All Weather electronic ignition system provided by Backyard Blaze..
Backyard Blaze would like to challenge you in installing our products, whether it is the, AWEIS (All Weather Electronic ignition System) or our Automated Remote Controlled Tiki Torches. Our products will prove to be, easy in installation, smaller in size and will out perform any other product in the market. Backyard Blaze guarantees satisfaction with installation and performance or your money back!
We feel that with hard work and determination we do have the ability to change the industry in  automated remote controlled fire features and we are proving to do so year after year. 
We’re proud to be the leader in supplying automated remote tiki torches and automated fire features to customers like yourself.
When it comes to Automated Remote Fire Features for you project, you can rely on Backyard Blaze to deliver exceptional customer service and quality products with a guarantee of satisfaction.
For more information on our remote systems please visit our important links section, located on the right hand side of our home page.
There you will find our FAQ and installation instruction.  
Feel free to contact us anytime. We are here to answer any questions you may have.
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